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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Awesome!!! New picture from Angelina jolie….

Sape y kenal Angelina Jolie…please hands up!!!! Uiyo….some angkat tgn..Ahaks~~I’m one of her fan u know!!!i love it….

She got a handsome partner (Brad Pitt), with three awesome adopted and three sweet biological children!!!!She’s great rite….oh wow….she’s so lucky!!!Anak2 die tu ialah..meh I introduce all of them…Maddox,10..Pax,8..Zahara,6..dan kembar dye Knox y berumur 3 thn and Vivienne!!!! Happy Family….

Orite enough about the story mory!!!cannot wait for the awesome photos right!!!jeng3…….

seksi !!!


slamber but xclusive!!!

Tergode x??still santeekk even kne jge ank ramai an??jelesyyy baru skit i share...

P/s: nk tgok lg pic2 dye yang hangat tu??See more Angelina photos..from Marie Claire Cover pintu ni ea....

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