Remind Yourself

Salam Sayang.......
If you know a little of yourself, you will have realized that
you are more than meets your eyes in the mirror in the morning.
What you see is not what you are.
 You see the form not the content, the body not the soul, the matter not the mind.
In quiet and profound moments, we innately know that is true.

But we forget.


The world tells us and wants us to believe that we are
what we see - and we take the easy way out. We believe.
 That's why the awakening of spirit and the flowering of our spirituality
(nothing to do with religion) means we have to keep reminding ourselves,
a hundred times a day, I am a soul - not a body, I am an eternal spirit -
not a perishable piece of meat. I am quality, not quantity.

I am.

Otherwise, freedom is not possible.
And if we are not free, in the deepest space
inside our own being, we cannot be truly happy.
Sumber: Zubia Kirab (BlueDanube)
*****************************SALAM SAYANG**************************


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