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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Photos That Will Put Faith Back Into Humanity

Salam Sayang...... :))
In this world of wars, protests and political revolutions, it is very important to be human and be able to help out in difficult times.
These stories behind the scenes and forgotten, but they allow a person to believe in human, his heart and soul.

Grandfather "Dobri"
98-year-old poor, the grandfather Dobri from Bulgarian village Bailovo. Every day he gets up early and passes 10 kilometers from his village to the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia. The most generous private donation, which ever received Cathedral - 40,000 euros was made an old man - Dobri.
During the Moscow concert of Korn audience suddenly raised their wheelchair to a young man and brought it closer to the stage so he could better see their idols.
Workers of cleaning company decided to arrange to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, a small holiday. When it came time to wash the windows outside, they dressed up in costumes of superheroes (Spider-Man, Captain America, Batman) and washed all windows in hospital for free.
Fire-fighter has just delivered this kitten from a burning building, risking their own lives. He put on his oxygen mask so he could breathe normally again.
Athlete helps his leg tucked opponent to cross the finish line.
Thousands of people were left without electricity after the storm "Sandy." Some who it was taken out into the street outlet, so that other people could charge their phones to call relatives.
When he saw a tired soldier, Afghan man gave him a tea to save him from the sweltering thirst.
Subway decided to show an act of good faith by setting just such a sign. Each homeless person could get lunch.
Dry Cleaning offers free unemployed to clean their costumes in case they had to go to a job interview.
Photo of a man giving his shoes to homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro. The girl started crying.
p/s: Semoga semua gambar2 ini memberi kesedaran kepada kite sempena Bulan Ramadhan esok....
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